Control methods to prevent the development of diseases and pests

One of the most important means of preventing the development of diseases and pests is to put all the necessary effort and means into ensuring the vigorous growth of vegetable plants, since weak or rickety plants are easily contaminated and constitute sources of infection that can spread to the whole crop. On the other hand, …


Pests and diseases of rose bushes

The main enemies of roses are aphids, sometimes red spiders or mealybugs, as far as animals are concerned; by fungal diseases, the ‘white spot’ disease caused by powdery mildew, the black spot disease caused by Marsonia and Rust. Aphids appear very early in spring, from April, on young shoots, where they cause the leaves to …


Tree pests and diseases

The list of parasites that can attack ornamental trees is long. Fortunately, there are only a small number that are truly dangerous, and scary conditions such as elm disease (graphiosis) are the exception. One of the main scourges of ornamental plantations is Armillariella mellea, a parasite fungus that can cause serious damage in old plantations, …