The cabbages are almost ready to be harvested, however with these days of rain, cold and some days of intense sun, surely we have had some illness in our crops, due to the stress this entails. We teach you how to fight some of the most important diseases of this crop.

Cabbage hernia produces a thickening of the roots and the plant does not develop properly. It attacks many crucifers, the family to which cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli, mustards, lettuces, radishes belong. mainly in acidic and humid soils. Under these conditions, the disease develops and remains in the soil for many years; therefore, it is convenient to make a sufficiently long rotation. Rip up and destroy the affected plants and make an application of lime to the soil (lime amendment) to modify the soil reaction.

At the same time many species of mildew parasitize different vegetables (onion, leek, cabbage, lettuce, melon, spinach, tomato, potato). The plants have yellow spots on the leaves which then darken until they dry out; the stems can also be affected and the plant becomes paralysed. In young plants the loss of the same ones takes place and in adult plants the fructification is not carried out or the fruits do not arrive to mature. Under wet conditions propagation is very rapid and losses can be considerable. In crops under shelter it is convenient to force ventilation to avoid excessive humidity and make preventive treatments to prevent the disease from spreading. In outdoor crops, preventive treatments should also be made with synthetic fungicides such as captan or mancozeb or with cupric compounds applied by sprinkling or in solution.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s warning stations provide information on when treatments are most appropriate. There are crops in which the damage can be greater because the evolutionary cycle of the disease is much faster; tomato and potato are in these conditions and in both the fruit rots quickly because it is very poorly preserved. In this case, preventive treatments must be done, or at the moment that we see the first spots, with tolylfluanid, fosetyl al or folpet

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