With the amount of pests, maintenance errors and nutritional deficiencies, it makes pests a problem and we have to deal with plant protection products, but… Does anyone really know how to use them?

In the market you will find many phytosanitary products for your plants, generally you will find three big groups and specific for each thing. For example you will find the insecticides, suitable for treating insects, fungicides, only suitable for treating fungi and acaricides for mites. It doesn’t matter if you treat a mite with an insecticide or not or vice versa, because the mite won’t be affected, so we must know the pest we have before using anything.

Once we know which pest it is and which phytosanitary products we should use, we have the following doubts:

Better a liquid than a powder? FALSE

The fastest way to spread plant protection products is in liquid form, but the powder form is more effective with pests that are very hidden. For the plant to assimilate liquids well, spray by wetting all parts of the plant, on both sides. And of course if you are going to treat with powdered products, help yourself with a domestic sprayer.

One application is enough ? FALSE

In almost all cases it is advisable to repeat an insecticide or fungicide treatment to prevent the emergence of subsequent generations.

Mixing several types of phytosanitary products saves time ? FALSE

It is not convenient to mix several types of phytosanitary products in order to save time, because many mixtures are incompatible with each other, which can sometimes aggravate the problem instead of eradicating it. So watch out for mixtures, for example of a fungicide and insecticide.

Careful, they expire ? TRUE

Like food, plant protection products also expire. Read the product labels and they will tell you when the product is no longer effective. Also, do not keep any excess solution or stock for later application, as its repairing power expires and will have no effect.

Pour a little more, better ? FALSE

No matter how bad the plant looks, even if you feel sorry for it, never exceed the manufacturer’s dosage. If you miss it, its use will be minimal, but if you exceed it, you will damage your plants, increasing pollution and waste, as well as endangering your own plant.

Apply on clear days ? TRUE

Whether it is windy or rainy, it is not advisable to treat with a phytosanitary, because both wind and rain will evaporate or clean the treatment of your plants, having spent time and money.

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