Types of Phytosanitary Part 1

Like any living thing, plants are attacked by pests and diseases. But they can also be cured with the right treatment. That’s why it’s important to know about phytosanitary products and which is the most suitable in each case. There are chemical and biological ones. Phytosanitary is the name given to the pesticides, fungicides and …


Types of Phytosanitary Part 2

As a continuation of the previous article on pests and diseases, we bring you the 2nd and last article in this series. If you missed the previous article you can read in Types of Phytosanitary Part 1. Other types of phytosanitary products are: Herbicides They are compounds that prevent the development of weeds, which compete …


Phytosanitary truths and lies

With the amount of pests, maintenance errors and nutritional deficiencies, it makes pests a problem and we have to deal with plant protection products, but… Does anyone really know how to use them? In the market you will find many phytosanitary products for your plants, generally you will find three big groups and specific for …